Singapore Expo

Rebranding of PSA exhibitions to Singex to create a cohesive brand identity for the three units of Singex. The work involved audits, positioning, logo identity and manual and collateral.

Singex, formerly a part of PSA Corporation, evolved through restructuring to form the Singex Group in 2003, which is a wholly owned subsidy of The Temasek Group. The Group has three companies that form the group:

Singex Venues-which focuses on the management and international marketing of exhibition and convention centres including Singapore Expo.

Singex Exhibitions-which focuses on creating market platforms through professional exhibition organizing and management services working in partnership with international organizers and associations.

Singex Exhibition Ventures-which focuses on providing investments in the growth and development of exhibition venues and international trade and consumer exhibitions.

Identity Counsel created a positioning that built on the idea that Singex is committed to building enduring partnerships, to create, manage, build and grow international exhibition ventures in new markets. It wasn’t just to be seen as an exhibition managing and organizing company but a catalyst in growing international businesses and networks. The position of ‘Creating Markets’ was established. It attempted to unify the three divisions of the company that lent their strength and resources to each other and share opportunities for their growth. The logo using three different archs was created integrating at the centre. Each of the three companies took on a different stroke and colour symbolizing respectively the strength of the group and the pathways of advancement into the future. The identity enforced a new personality representing a dynamic nature in its pursuit and outlook.



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