Brand positioning and visual expression for new private jet operation in Singapore.

Targeted at conventions, corporates, high net worth individuals and groups, OmniJet was ready to take off with the Challenger 604. Identity Counsel was tasked with creation of the brand positioning, identity and website. Exclusivity, efficiency, quality, convenience into one unifying experience brought out the idea of ‘Your Own Sky’. It is often expressed that the sky is the limit. This is often measured in height. This time it was thought of in breadth as well. The sheer expanse of it. And there is one’s ability to now claim one’s piece of it anytime, anywhere.

Many journey’s start from being part of collective groups. In the world of upward mobility one has moved on in travel from coach, business to the first class. At each stage one claims stake to one’s individuality, to privacy. A certain de-cramping of life allows one to spread ones wings. OmniJet, being those wings. The luxury of hassle-free, customized, safe travel in your own private space was succinctly captured in ‘Your Own Sky’. The logo brought this brand idea of ‘Your Own Sky’ to life. The wings captured the leisurely and luxurious movement of flight. The font has been softened and rounded to imply a contemporary classic appeal. The ‘Jet’ in grey lent solidity and contrast to the logo.

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