Omni United

Brand positioning, website and communication for tyre manufacturer and distributor, Omni United, one of Singapore’s fastest growing companies.

Omni United, a tyre manufacturer and distributor is recognized as one of Singapore’s fastest growing companies. The brands truth lay in its service dimension and building strong relationships. Omni launched its flagship brand Radar, in the value segment in 2006. With its markets being primarily US and Europe, its key challenge lay in increasing its perception, arriving at a key differentiator and communicating it uniquely to its target segment.

Identity Counsel has partnered Omni from the brands infancy and helped grow it to being a leading player in the value segment. The brands proposition was based on the idea of ‘progress’ and expressed with the line- ‘Mobilizing Life’. This was arrived at keeping mind the consumer truth, category truth and aligning it with the internal vision of the company. The corporate brand focused on service whilst the product brand, Radar, built itself with a focus on performance. Identity Counsel has played a role in the strategy, identity, advertising, collateral, website, events and digital efforts of the brand.

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