Dr. Reddy’s

Brand strategy and identity for one of the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. The company today features in the Forbes Global 2000 list.

Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories, a fast growing company, had a strong ‘laboratory’ association attached to it. This growth and the true scale of the company needed to be expressed with a greater international appeal to meet its business objectives. This meant that the brand had to be clearly defined and consistently expressed across all properties, regions and media. Besides the brand mark and visual identity system needed refreshing and revitalization to cater to the world market.

To understand the current perception of the brand amongst various stakeholders, a detailed research was conducted in key markets. The interviews with doctors, hospital authorities, trade, financial and business community, employees and healthy authorities revealed DRL to be strong in research and development, high quality with ‘ Knowledge and Trust’ being key brand attributes. This translated itself into a differentiated DRL brand promise of ‘Honest Expertise’.

To express this promise visually, a new look for DRL’s identity that would capture the dynamism and innovativeness of its acknowledged expertise and layered it with its unique down to earth, honest approach was needed.

This holistic personality enabled by the coming together of the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ attributes brought out a theme of ‘Hope. Life and Joy”. The logo illustrated the logical visual evolution towards an accessible, caring image of DRL. The logo is interpreted as a person with outstretched arms expressing joy, warmth and vitality.


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