Disruption, The New Normal In a world where ‘disruptive’ ideas have led to ‘new normals’, Identity Counsel was entrusted with branding UTU, a rewards platform is set to change the way one will engage with rewards and the loyalty world.

A platform that will empower consumers by removing pain points of forgetting the expiry of points, missing out on points, or having too many cards. UTU converts and combines all points earned into UTU points, thus giving one the freedom to redeem points across brands and borders.

Identity Counsel partnered UTU in defining the brand promise and creating the brand identity. Workshops, brainstorms and audits later an idea was born. With the product empowering consumers to use their points without limits and allowing one to maximize one’s points led to creation of the brand promise – ‘making everyday more rewarding’, expressed as ‘Everyday More!’

The UTU brand identity reflects this idea of ‘Everyday More’. The identity applies the brand letters in an ascending order reflecting the idea of ‘more’. It leads to a vibrant use of type into a green ‘U’. The distinct use of aqua green emphasizes the spirit of ‘Go’.

The identity is further expressed in a fluid form true to the idea of ‘breaking free’ and reflecting one’s identity with the second ‘U’ being of a kinetic nature allowing consumers to choose their colour, mood or attitude.The brand has been launched in Thailand and set for expanding its footprint into other markets.

“Working with Identity Counsel has always been rewarding. They have this unique ability to story-tell their ideas, both strategically and in design. With UTU they were able to provide an inspiring and insightful articulation of the brand and a refreshing identity that brought the brand to life.”

Asad Jumabhoy CEO, UTU Pte Ltd.

How UTU works

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