About Us

Being curious allows us to ask some important questions, scope possibilities, respond to changing needs, search for insights and ideas that are different, relevant and powerful. Since 2002, we have taken ideas from concept to completion. Launching and implementing brand ideas with inventive solutions across different touch-points. We begin with making an enquiry into the knowns and unknowns with the desire to create new meanings. We grow brands beyond their comfort zones and amplify their desire to connect to a broader world by paving the strategic road map that marries both business and brand directions. By building on ideas to create better ideas and knowing that there can be more than one way to solve an issue, we attempt to explore brands from every meaningful perspective. We offer the Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV Customer Insights) and Capability Development Grant (CDG Branding & Marketing Strategy Development) to our clients as part of our holistic solutions. Singapore Certified Management Consultant ( SPRING-recognised Certification Programme). Certification Regsitration No. SCMC-1703-P0082

Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2015 Branding Seminar : Brands Beyong Boundaries




Who are we? How are we unique? How did we get here and where do we go? What do our customers value? How are we perceived by our key audiences?




Based on the scan, we aim to arrive at the central organizing thought that the brand can grow into.



How do we look, sound, behave. This stage brings alive the identity of the brand.



How does one take the idea into action? Internal Workshop to align employees to the vision and identity. Develop communication briefs for external Communication.